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Landfill mining – Turning waste to energy and recycling.

Landfill Mining is a site dedicated to people who have an interest in the potential that landfill mining will bring. Potentially the “next big thing”, landfill mining will recycle the millions of tons of waste that has been burried over the last 50 years. With Britain running out of landfill space, we are on track to have filled all the available sites by 2018, it is only a matter of time before landfill mining becomes a reality in the UK.

Belgium is the location for what is thought to be the worlds first landfill mining project. A joint venture with UK company, Advanced Plasma Power, is planned to be operational by 2014. It is expected to recycle half the rubbish and turn the rest into renewable energy. The 30 year planned project will see APP using its plasma technology to convert methane gas produced by the waste into usable gas. This will fuel a 60MW power plant that will be capable of supplying up to 60,000 homes.

Landfill mining is not a new idea, it has been looked at many times, however the cost has always been prohibative. There are over 150,000 old or abandoned landfill sites across Europe which are now being viewed as potential commercial ventures. With landfill space running out, the push for renewable energy and increasing metal prices, the time seems to be coming for landfill mining.

If your interest is on eco or commercial grounds, landfill mining will be the site for you. We aim to bring all the latest news and developments in the world of landfill mining.

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